Captain Janeway could only kneel on the hilltop and watch her crew being led out the Voyager and herded along like cattle. It all had happen so fast. Once again, Janeway ignored Star Fleet protocol and lead the away team. The shapely captain now realized it was her own arrogance and stupidity that had let all this.

Janeway and the five-man team including security chief Tuvok had landed in answer to a distress signal. Before she could signal the ship stun beams hit them. The beautiful captain had awaked to find herself not only lying on the ground but with her hands tightly bound behind her back. Thick strips of rough leather were wrapped around her waist and wrists. Another strip was bound around her elbows.  Janeway looked up at her capture and when she tried to ask him who he was. The tall muscular alien slapped her and then jammed a knotted thong into her mouth.

“UGH!” Janeway grunted as she was roughly gagged.

While being gagged she noticed the alien had almost bronze skin. His hair long jet-black thick hair hung around his roughly handsome face falling past his shoulders. Dark brown leather pants, vest and boots were all that covered his muscular body.  The old holster hanging around Tal-nook’s waist not only held a modern phaser weapon but also several other electronic gadgets. Janeway hear similar aliens call him Tal-nook. She wondered if that was his name, rank or title.

The bound Federation officer watched Tal-nook fiddle with her communicator while giving orders. She could tell this was a strong and determined alien. The captain grunted as he pulled her up by the front of her uniform and roughly dragged her along. She looked around and wondered where the rest of her team was.

Tal-nook pulled her to the top a small hill that over looked the Voyager and then staked her to the ground. He looked down at the kneeling woman and smiled. He could tell she had a full rich body. She had beautiful face and blond hair. Tal-nook reached down and pulled out the pins holding up her thick hair.

“Yes, “ Tal-nook thought, “She will do nicely to warm his bed.”

“Ugh!” Janeway grunted.

“There will no apologies. I need a ship to replace my old wreck. Yours will be a fine replacement as you will be for sex slave.”

Janeway didn’t like the way he was looking at her. She could see a fire in his eyes and a cruel grin on lips. The bound captain felt her shiver go through her body. The beautiful captain was almost sorry to see him walk off with his men.

 Over the next hour, her worst nightmare came true. She watched in horror as Tal-nook used her communicator to fake her voice, to lure Cahkotay and small away team out. They were quickly captured. Then Tal-nook and his men charge up the open landing ramp.

The battle was over before it began.

Now Janeway could only kneel on the hill and watch her crew divided up into groups. All the men were chained together and led off by small a small green skinned alien. From what Janeway could understand to work in some kind of mine. The older crewmembers and unattractive females were led off toward a city in the distance to sold as house slaves. The remaining group was all the young attractive women. Janeway could only watch as Tal-nook gave the females to his men as rewards for a great victory. The bound beauty choked back a sob as Tal-nook turned and walked toward her.

“Up slave!” Tal-nook snapped as he grabbed the front of her uniform to pull her up.

“UMPH!” Janeway grunted as her pulled her along like stubborn dog. It made her uniform streched to its’ limit by his grip.

“I am Tal-nook, your master. I realize this is hard for you to accept but in time you will learn your place. Your ship shall now be used to raid other planets.  Many thanks, my little slave.”

“GNAAAA!” Janeway screamed as her captor pulled her onto Voyager. She stumbled after him down series of hallways until he stopped and took off her gag.

“Where are your quarters?” Tal-nook asked.

“Go to hell.” The bound captain snapped, “If you think I am going to let you rape me in my own bed. Think again.”

“As you wish. I will take you the bridge and rape you in front of my crew while forcing your fellow slaves to watch.”

The proud captain’s head filled with the humiliating image of her being raped in front of her crew. She swallowed her pride and nodded.

“Two levels up. The cabin at the end of the hall.”

“Excellent. You are learning to obey.”

“You may take me by force but know this. I will never submit!”

Tal-nook only laughed as he dragged her off by the front of her uniform down the hallway.

Janeway stumbled back into her cabin as the door slid close. She looked around knowing there was no place to run. The bound beauty could only watch as he took off his holster and boots. The proud captain knew she was about to be raped and there was nothing to prevent it.

Tal-nook tossed his vest down and pulled a knife from a behind his back. He grabbed the front of her uniform and smiled into her face.

Try not to move.” Tal-nook smiled, “I would hate scar you.”

Janeway gulped as he used the knife to slice up the front of her uniform. She could feel her face flush red as her lacy black bra was exposed. The bound captive stood still as he skillfully cut off her uniform including her pants. Janeway now stood before the vile alien clad only in her black bra, panties and boots.

Tal-nook sucked in his breath as he looked over his new slave, realizing he had made an excellent choice. Large round breasts were wrapped in a black garment that made them look even more luscious. Her waist was slender, her belly flat and her ass nicely rounded with long muscular legs. He smiled as her lips quivered. Another black garment cover her crotch.

“OH!” Janeway cried as her bra and panties were cut off with some well place slashes.

“Excellent.” Tal-nook smiled as he leered over her body, taking in the reddish curls covering her womanhood. He noted there was still a look of defiance in her eyes.

“OW!” Janeway cried as she was slapped.

The shocked captive flew back onto the bed and just lay there as he pulled off her boots.

“Slaves go barefoot.” Tal-nook smiled as tossed down a boot and yanked down his pants.

“GOOD GOD NO!” Janeway screamed when she saw his twelve-inch cock. She tried to scoot away but the alien jumped right on top of her body, knocking the air out of her body.

Tal-nook grabbed her tits and mauled them between his hands as he forced his mouth over his slave’s gasping lips.”

“MPHHHHH!” Janeway sobbed as her mouth was filled with his tongue. She squirmed and twisted but there was no escaping the hands fondling her breasts. The bound beauty had no choice but to suck on the tongue rolling around in mouth. The long hard wet kiss seemed to go on and on. Janeway gasped for air when her finally released her lips. She gasped and sobbed as he kissed and bit her face and neck while squeezing her tits around.

Tal-nook was quickly lost in his own lust as he ran his tongue over her face, enjoying the look of disgust on her face. Her cried and sobs were music to his ears. He pushed and pulled her tender mounds around, feeling them begin to swell in his hands.

“OHHH! AWWW!” Janeway sobbed as her body was brutally used by her captor, knowing this was just the start of his abuse. The shapely captain felt her boobs begin to throb and ache making her body tingle. The proud captive was shocked to feel wetness between her legs.

Tal-nook worked his mouth down to her neck and gnawed on it for a few minutes and then ran his tongue down. He buried his face in her tender mounds and began to chew and lick.

“AWWWW!” Janeway moaned as her already tender tits were sucked and chewed on making the swell up even more. She shook her head and closed her eyes trying calm her body. It was at this point she realized that that Star Fleet had never covered what to do if caught and forced to be a sex slave. It was at this moment she realized the unthinkable was happening to her and she was unprepared for it. The beautiful woman realized she hadn’t sex for years. Her sex starved was now responding to the brutal abuse. Janeway’s pussy was now burning and her own juices were splashing onto her thighs. Her boobs were tingling and aching like they never had.

Tal-nook sucked and chewed on her big fat tits while mashing them together. He could sense and feel her body responding to his attacks.

“All alike.” Tal-nook thought to himself, “These proud independent woman sneering defiantly at men when secretly they wanted to be dominated and tamed.”

 His experience had taught him these woman made excellent slaves. This bitch beneath him would be slave worth keeping.