Secretary in Peril

Wearing my leather skirt and a blouse, I am dragged (more like pushed) in to the dark room. My heels scratch along the concrete floor as I resist, but my wrists and elbows being tied behind my back, I couldn’t do much. “He hasn’t tied my legs, maybe I can still get away, ” I thought. But that idea went out the window when my bound elbows are pulled up high and tied to the joists in the ceiling. “Well, at least I can steady myself on my feet to relieve some of the strain…” No such luck. Not only does he tie my legs together, he ties them cross-ankled, so all I can do is pivot and twist! After an eternity dangling there, I think he is about to show me some mercy as he removes the bandanna cleave-gagging me. “Thank you so much…” I begin to say when I’m rewarded with the whole bandanna stuffed back into my mouth and covered over with cruel duct tape (all on screen). When he returns, my poor blouse meets a harsh end when, as if it were nothing, he tears it off, buttons flying everywhere. Now there is only my purple bra keeping my tits from being exposed. In one movement he tears it off so quickly that you can hear the underwire hit the wall on the other side of the room. Despite my gagged pleas, he decides to sample the goods, groping my boobs with his strong hands. He leaves and I’m left to struggle. The lights go out and in the darkness, I scream into my gag. It’s no use.

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